• Barry Hillier

Protect your team and customers in a post-Covid world. They'll thank you.

Consumer and staff confidence has been shaken to its' core due to Covid-19. Dealerships, left trying to re-open their business while simultaneously protecting everyone who comes through their doors, are struggling to manage in our Post-Covid world.

There is simply no playbook written to accommodate a pandemic aftermath.

The key for Dealer Principals and management is to responsibly protect their customers and staff using proven procedures and safety protocols that allow the business to function while reducing the risk of infections on your floors.

But how?

Our team wanted to find a system capable of helping the automotive industry manage the health and safety compliance for your staff, customers, visitors, and business.

Introducing Crowdblink Protect.

Catalytic became aware of Crowdblink Protect in the beginning of May through one of our partners, Paolo Frescura. CrowdBlink has powered the world's leading events for years and their technology has helped to control crowds of hundreds of thousands of people.

Covid-19 hit the event world hard and fast, but that didn't stop Crowdblink applying their technology expertise to help businesses protect their staff, customers, and visitors. Whether it's helping an essential organization take every reasonable measure to ensure the safety of their team, or creating a safe working environment for those businesses that must continue operating, they created an easy to deploy, cost-effective solution to properly manage re-opening Dealerships across Canada and the United States.

As soon as Dealerships began to reopen, we began vetting the reliability of the software and ease of use for Dealership staff. We learned that there was a great deal of fear from staff worried about returning to work. That fear was alleviated after the first week of use, when Dealer Principals began to tell us stories where their staff was thanking them for using Crowdblink Protect to keep them safe.

We are excited to have signed a North American exclusive agreement with Crowdblink Protect for the automotive space, becoming Catalytic Technologies first certified system.

If you would like to install Crowdblink Protect in your Dealership, please reach out to us by calling (855) 598-2282 or email hello@catalytictechnology.com.

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