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Founders are flailing, and we want to help.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

A mentor-driven mindset allows Catalytic to deliver peace of mind and results.

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We can cure what ails ya!

A key reason for flailing founders is that they are expected to be an embodiment of art, operations, humanities, science and technology. They have to do everything in their company, regardless of whether they’re capable or not. But this isn’t realistic, or even reasonable to expect from anyone who isn’t Leonardo da Vinci or Nikola Tesla.

Most Founders tend to fall into one of two camps. The first group are “design thinkers” or people who look to answer “why”. These people tend to be connected to wondering, as opposed to observing. They rely on a “logical leap of the mind” to make sense of things that haven’t happened before or where they don’t have enough data to back up their approach empirically. They just have a great intuition and vision.

The second group are “observational thinkers” or people who want to answer “how” things will work. Observational thinking is a world of purpose, context, interconnectivity and behaviour. By understanding how something is constructed or how it works, the thinker wants to understand the execution and the effect of an idea.

Design thinkers tend to have creative or humanities backgrounds while observational thinkers tend to have engineering or technology backgrounds. To be successful, you need both types of thinkers as part of your team. Some who challenge “why” and others who can determine “how”.

What Group Are You In?

Catalytic understands that most technology founders tend to have engineering or technology backgrounds. They skew toward being “observational thinkers” and they usually have trouble scaling their companies because they lack branding, marketing and sales experience. They also lack the industry experience in automotive that they need to truly adapt their innovations for Dealers and OEM’s.

Catalytic has developed a “Mentor Driven Automotive Accelerator” based on immersive education with a strong focus on branding, marketing and sales to complement the founding teams’ abilities.

We invest $100,000 in these high potential companies and work with them over 3 months in our C.L.A.S.S. (Custom Lean agile strategic sprints) accelerator program to ensure they are market ready and delivering improved revenue, profit, operations and CSI for the automotive sector.

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