• Brent Wees

Digital Transformation is hard. (Especially in the auto sector.)

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

After selling Dashboard and related SaaS businesses in 2017, I began to contemplate the second phase of my career. Prior to 2017, I'd been bootstrapping companies for eighteen years and traversing the very tough entrepreneurial journey that bootstrapping entails, with no funding and very little support. I made it through the journey, built several companies, and had time to reflect after my exit on the whole experience.

I began to speak with friends and colleagues in the automotive sector about the exciting things happening within the innovation and technology ecosystem. All the innovations being developed with passion and excitement outside the automotive sector were causing uncertainty and fear within the automotive industry. Dealerships were facing declining profit margins and new technologies were disrupting their teams and infrastructure. They didn't know what to do or who to trust and were growing nervous about what their future held for themselves and their families.

Our conversation expanded and an idea began to take root. What if we connected the automotive industry directly into the innovation and technology ecosystem, led by experienced and trusted automotive professionals who understand how these innovations (disruptions) could be harnessed by all three automotive tiers. What if successful entrepreneurs in our sector helped to fund these companies, building off their expertise in the industry and allowing them to directly profit from the equity in the technologies.

Welcome to Catalytic, the first Automotive Transformation Agency and Accelerator that finds, invests and scales the best technology firms changing the future of automotive.
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