An investment in Catalytic is an investment in multiple companies.

Our deep experience in technology, sales and marketing, when paired with our automotive experience and networking, allow Catalytic to understand what the automotive sector needs from technology. 


By finding and selling the best technology companies who future proof the automotive industry, we’re able to generate strong profit margins via licensing fees. Additionally, you are also invested in a growing cohort of high potential companies with above-market return on equity as their individual market cap grows over time.

Build on your past and invest in your future.

Catalytic is the first Automotive Tech Company built for the automotive industry and funded by the automotive industry. 60 units representing 50,000 Class A voting shares (.5% per unit) are being made available for interested investors for $50,000 per unit ($1 per share). Multiple units can be made available.


If interested, please contact



Note: Catalytic investors will have the first right to invest in Catalytic Funds, a managed fund that will be introduced in 2022 and used for series level investments for technologies relevant to the auto industry that is showing exponential growth.