The One and only Automotive Tech Company founded (and funded) by players within the Automotive space.

Catalytic is a diverse network of industry experts, investors, educators, partners, consultants and sales and marketing experts. Working together, they form a Company that includes an accelerator, venture fund, consultancy and marketing and sales network built specifically to grow technology in the automotive sector.

Over the past decade or so, the iconic and seemingly stable automotive industry has been in turmoil. It has been undergoing massive changes caused by the cumulative effect of rapid technology innovation, disruptive business models, aggressive new competitors, and an emerging supply chain ecosystem whose full impact is not fully comprehended yet.

Sales is not about selling, but building trust and educating.

Catalytic has committed itself to driving growth, sales and profit for our customers. We’ve used our vast automotive network to build a unique sales and consulting operation to promote our technology companies within the auto industry. However, data metrics related to conversion, CSI, profit and sales must be maintained for any tech to remain in our portfolio. 


Our goal is to sell growth, not technology.


As much as we believe that technology will change our industry, it isn’t enough. Education is necessary to close the skills gap in automotive. This is why Catalytic has co-developed the first automotive focused executive certificate program with the Schulich School of Business. By preparing our talent to understand, implement and adapt technology that can elevate their companies, people and operations, we are able to lead a profitable path through tomorrow’s changes.