Make safety a routine for your staff, customers and business.

Covid-19 has placed a great responsibility on you and your team every time you open your dealership doors. You want to protect your team and your customers, but you simply don’t know how. That’s why we’re introducing CrowdBlink PROTECT.

CrowdBlink PROTECT provides a cloud-based platform to keep your dealership safe using a system that detects who can safely be allowed in your dealership and who should be sent home. A short series of questions and a temperature check, provide your team and customers the reassurance they need to work, buy and service on your premises.


Fast. Easy. Part of the Routine.

CrowdBlink PROTECT easily integrates into your workflow. Keeping your staff and customers safe. And giving you peace of mind knowing that you are keeping the doors open.

Use your current id badges or employee numbers to track staff. For customers, simply scan the bar code on their driver’s license. Or, you can input license plates or names. All health results are saved to the cloud so you can verify compliance for health safety checks and track any potential exposure, limiting unneeded risks or health violations. Alternately, scanning can be anonymous to protect customer privacy. As emerging best practices and regulations change, CrowdBlink PROTECT future-proofs your business.

Scan Identification

The simple way to protect staff and employees. Using infrared thermometers, you can quickly verify if anyone is potentially ill before they enter your dealership. Fast and efficient, you can protect everyone before ever becoming exposed to a threat.

Temperature Check

Additional questions are asked to quickly determine if any risk factors that can lead to exposure have occurred. The questionnaire can be customized for your dealership or updated as new factors are found.

Symptom Questionnaire